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SAF-T-CO SUPPLY, Inc. was founded in September 1987 by Patricia McDonald as its sole owner and stockholder. Patricia worked for the first two years as a home based business. In October 1989, Saf-T-Co expanded from 2 employees to 7 and moved to a new location in Santa Ana. In 1991, we expanded again to a new location in Santa Ana with an 11,000 sq. foot warehouse on 37,000 sq. feet of land and expanded from 7 to 25 employees over the six year period. In June of 1997, we made another move to our present location in Santa Ana where we have over 45,000 square feet of warehouse on 3 acres. We also have 5 acres in Norco for product storage. SAF-T-CO has 45 employees, of which 80% are minorities and women. SAF-T-CO manufactures PVC, steel, and fiberglass fittings and bends and distributes PVC, steel conduit, bridge hangers and related construction supplies.

Saf-T-Co has been doing business with large utility companies such as AT&T, GTE, Verizon, SDG&E, PG&E, Southern California Edison, Time Warner, and Cox Cable for over 25 years. We are currently in a 6 year master agreement with AT&T for the Southern California area supplying material such as PVC conduit and fittings and bends. We assist AT&T and Caltrans engineers in the design and manufacturing of conduit hangers for bridges. Our work has aided in the protection of sensitive wildlife areas by assisting SDG&E with the design and manufacturing of bridge supports. We also assisted SDG&E by supplying conduit for two of the largest electrical projects in California - The Alpine Project and The Sunrise Project. In addition, Saf-T-Co is presently working with Southern California Edison on manhole rehabilitation. We have been on call for Southern California Edison as well as many other utility companies for the past 25 years. Our work, however, is not limited to these companies. Saf-T-Co has been involved with the city of Anaheim in the manufacturing and supply of underground utility products since 1993. We have a 3 year master agreement with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for their PVC conduit, fittings and bends, and spacers. We have done several fast track jobs for the emergency repair of earthquake damaged bridges in the San Fernando Valley and have been a major supplier of conduit for the 241 and 73 toll roads. Saf-T-Co is proud to have been involved in several projects throughout southern California such as the Century freeway project, the Eastern Transportation Corridor, 405 Sepulveda Widening, 91 Widening from the 55 to Weir Canyon, Exposition Lite Rail Transit Phase 1, Foothill Lite Rail Gold Line Phase 2, Expo Phase 2 Lite Rail Transit, 101 & 710 Freeway Widening, and the expansion of the Port of Los Angeles to name a few. In addition to freeway and roadway projects, Saf-T-Co has participated in construction expansion at Disneyland and The Honda Center, and we are currently working on the ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Intermodal Center) project. SAF-T-CO continues to supply materials, under state and federal guidelines for a Woman Owned Business. SAF-T-CO currently supplies conduit for Verizon, SBC, A.T. & T., Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas and Electric. We are also the supplier of many underground and electrical contractors in California, Nevada and Arizona. SAF-T-CO supply is certified as a woman owned business with the Public utilities commission, City of Los Angeles, and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

SAF-T-CO is proud to be celebrating its 30th anniversary and attributes its success to an outstanding commitment to customer service. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. SAF-T-CO is positioned as a leader in its industry and has a diversified staff to cover all of our customer's needs.

Patricia McDonald - Chairman and Owner